Tips For Starting Your Own Travel Blog

Travel blogging is a very lucrative business nowadays. Travel blogs in general tend to rake in more profits than other types of personal blogs. If you are travelling at an exotic location, plenty of people will naturally flock to your site to see the pictures and read about the adventures. Because travel blogging is extremely popular, you should approach the profession with caution if you intend to make money. Not every travel blogger makes money off their sites. So, here are some tips you should definitely follow before and during the process of launching your own travel blog:

Choose a Niche
As mentioned above, there are loads of travel bloggers on the net. Therefore, what you have to write about should be truly unique. People won’t flock to yet another travel blog about beaches in Thailand. So, choose a good niche that would really interest readers. Be innovative, and dare to try something different. Research online to see if there are other people covering the same topic. Try to pick a topic that no one is writing about.

Host the Site Independently
Do not choose a free domain name such as those offered by WordPress. If you want to make money off your blog, you need to host the site independently. Find an affordable dedicated hosting with plenty of features. You won’t have to spend much per year for such a plan.

Anticipate Traffic Spikes
When you start, a personal hosting plan would be sufficient to handle the amount of traffic you get. However, as your blog matures, the traffic numbers will rise. Expect sharp rises to traffic if your content foes viral. Therefore, you will have to find the right plan offered by Australian web hosting for your site. Choose a flexible plan that allows upgrading when the traffic increases.

Copyright Images
Obviously, you will need to post images on your blog. The more images you post, the more interesting your blog post would be. However, be careful when publishing images on your site. Others could easily steal them. Therefore, obtain copyright for all your pictures. So, if someone else wants to reuse them, they can purchase a license from you. You will make extra money this way.

Avoid Bogus Titles
Be careful when headlining your blog posts. Do not use clickbait-y headlines to lure users with exaggerated promises. Use genuine titles as much as possible. Both search engines and users prefer honest headlines. To get your blog really going, invite popular bloggers to publish guest posts on your site. You can also publish guest posts on a popular blogger’s site.

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