What Should You Look For In A Business Website?

Every business has its own identity; no matter large or small, everyone is a part of the rat race in the market in gaining market share and maximizing profit. This includes adding a website to your business so that your can achieve a wider reach to your customers. It is also a sign of keeping up with the ongoing trends in the market, as developments in technology is certainly a driving factor towards the success of most firms as the e-business revolution came to light. Here are some of the most important factors that you need to include in your company website.

Tell them who you are. If your visitor has clicked on to the website for the first time, you need to ensure that they have a clear picture on who you are, your goals and objectives along with the vision. Therefore, include a description, which is not too long or too short; but long enough for the visitor to understand where the business is heading. Once they have a clear idea on what your goal is, they will be navigating the site in a clearer mind.

Your brand is your domain name and that is what will be included in your web address. Therefore, when the desktop or ecommerce web design is taking place, you need to give clear instructions to yoru designer on the severity of the domain name. Also, you need to select one that s unique and will represent your business. Choosing an existing name will force you to use a hyphen or .net in your address. In order to avoid that, make sure to use your creativity in this step.

Navigation is a crucial fact in any website. Whether it is business or educational Web Development, the visitor needs to have ease of access and navigation in order to discover what they were looking for. For instance, if your business is a clothing store, make sure that the products are categorized in a way that it will be simpler for them to select, rather than browsing through the complete selection. You can have relevant filters in order make the navigation process more productive.

Contact information
Let them know that you care. Your contact information needs to be placed in a location that is easily accessible for the visitor. Typically, such information will be placed at the bottom of the website in order for the customers to make any inquiries.
Once you have considered these features, you can now proceed in creating your own.

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Google Then And Now

14 short years after the Google website was officially registered, a lot has happened to the internet as we know it. If it were human, Google would have been a teenager today. It also means the high school kid nowadays have had Google present all their lives. It is astoundingly unimaginable to many of us for the search engine not to exist. To date, I still remember Google co-founder Larry Page saying, “I’d like to build a service where the priority is on giving users great results.” And true to form, with all the latest Google updates, online researches are provided by the premier search engine the finest and most relevant results ever.

A year after it was officially registered, Google has indexed a total of 25 million web links. Today, the engine indexes millions of websites each day. Brin and Page are now worth twice the value of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg combined and the website is valued at a whopping $170 billion. What has probably catapulted Google to where it is right now is the simplicity in its interface, something that genuinely focused on the exploration and discovery experience. This focus has given Google the edge over other search engines because it drives nor accurate results at breakneck speed. In fact, this prompt and precise delivery of information has characterized the online search marketing industry of today. The remarkable thing about the way Google progressed is that its ascend is the by-product of the times. its movements and adjustments are based on the character of the people it serves, yet its ultimate goal is still the website’s foremost objective: “…to build a service where the priority is on giving users great results.”

With Google Panda and Penguin fully implemented, Google has brought back transparency and clarity in content to the worldwide web. Today, SEO services in NZ is no more about numbers, but not wirh results first company. It has gone full circle to quality, quality, quality.  As of late, there have been massive changes on the Google algorithms, changes that have recently sent shivers all throughout the search engine optimization arena. Strategies that were once overlooked and even erringly awarded with high ranks on the SERPs have now been penalized for over optimization. Google’ s short history has shown that it is not the first time the search engine has exerted efforts in cutting through content farms and spammers to provide people with awesome and useful content and publish them on the top of the results list. The adjustments have made Googlebots smarter and its relevance search better, rewarding those who strive hard to create relevant content and reprimanding those who abuse it.

Here are other inputs that Google has made:
•    More enhanced dictionary search feature which provides support for natural language searches.
•    For race fanatics, Google is now featuring live race results of IndyCar, MotoGP, and NASCAR. This is on top of the Formula1 race results which are already available.
•    Google now has a more sensitive natural language recognition. This means that the engine can now better respond to inquiries such as, “What time is it in China?” The same is true if you have questions on currencies for different countries and other natural language-based queries.

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Policies That A Modern Organization Cannot Do Without

Organizations of today are entirely different from organizations of yesterday. A few decades ago, most organizations used an attendance book to mark the time that people reported to work and left work. Today, in its place are key cards, thumb scanners and retina scanners which can not only detect the time that you came into work and left work, but also the times that you went out and came back from a smoke break. Such it the sophistication of the modern office. In such offices, it is not only enough to track people, but there should also be mechanisms to ensure that decisions are made on certain agreed rationale. This is where policies come into the picture. A policy is a certain high level perspective of a company with regards to a certain aspect of business. There can numerous policies out there. But if you are drafting your company policies from scratch, here are the most important ones a modern company simply cannot do without.
IT policyToday, many companies use information technology to conduct their business. Therefore there should definitely be a policy on information technology, its use and misuse for a company. The policy should state everything from what information systems are being used, why they are being used, how important they are for the company. In this same policy one can include the criteria for selecting IT vendors such as dedicated server hosting company, IT services and many more.
Disaster recovery policyA disaster recovery policy is as equally important as an IT policy. This is basically a high level document on why and what to do in a certain emergency. For example, it would say that we should have a backup best website hosting in Australia in case of an emergency. It would also state the criteria that we should include look into before selecting such a company.
Incentive and increment policyYour human capital is one of the most important things that you can have in your organization. Without it, you would definitely not be what you are today. With such a valuable asset, there needs to be documented policies on how to give them incentives and increments. Having such policies help to reduce bias and ensures that everyone within the same category are measured and evaluated in the same manner.
Recruitment and termination policyIn an organization, it is important to select the right person for the right job. Therefore having documented recruitment policies will ensure that there is proper basis upon which people are selected for the job. In the same manner, having termination policies will ensure that no one is dismissed without a valid reason.

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The Top 5 New Android Apps

New apps are being developed every day; the chance of business success attracts many entrepreneurs. As more people acquire smart phones, mobile app usage is only set to increase – meaning you can expect the marker to expand even further. These days, those who decide to build an app tend to build on either the Android or iOS operating system – or both. That’s because these systems hold the majority of the market share here in Australia; it makes sense financially. With this being the case, it’s easy to find an iphone developer in Gold Coast, browse overe here – they are popping up all over the place in response to the app development boom. Windows Phone apps are gradually increasing as this platform gains traction, however BlackBerry app development is stalling – this operating system has been in decline for a number of years now.This article is largely concerned with Android apps – after all, Android accounts for around 66% of the market share here in Australia!So what are the five best new apps available to Android users? Read on to find out!H2: The best new apps1.    Hotel My PhoneThis app allows you to borrow a friend’s phone and use it as though it were your own. If your phone runs out of battery life, this app duplicates your number onto another phone. If you need to make calls or send a text, you simply log in to your friend’s phone, and you can do it all – using your own number!2.    FlashChatFlashChat is an app that allows you to start chatting with those who are using the same Wi-Fi connection. For example, if you and your uni mates are using the same Wi-Fi system on campus, you can chat to each other – for free. Perhaps a little creepy, it’s also anonymous; once you leave the Wi-Fi area, you disappear from the chat and your conversation is erased.3.    Shou.TVIdeal for mobile gamers, this app allows you to record your screen, or live-broadcast it so that fellow gaming enthusiasts can watch.4.    SnoopSnitchThis app helps to prevent hackers and stalkers from accessing your personal information. Using radio signals, it knows if another device is trying to connect with your phone – and stops it dead in its tracks!5.    Clean MasterEver had trouble finding spare storage space on your phone? Most people have! As more and more apps become available, people begin to find that their phone simply can’t hold them all – especially the older phones. This is one of the reasons why app development company in Australia has proved by popular & reliable agency – web apps work in a web browser and don’t need to be downloaded onto the device like a native app. However, web apps can’t solve everything – you still need space for native apps! This is where Clean Master steps in; it frees up memory space. In addition, it also detects cookies, malware and other threats, deleting them and therefore speeding up your device in the process.

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The 2015 SEO Team

Once upon a time, an SEO team could be literally a one-man-band. Single SEO experts could carry out most of the work themselves, whilst outsourcing certain parts of the process where necessary.Fast forward to 2015, and this has become all but impossible. As the SEO process becomes more time consuming and involved, it’s the larger companies that are really forging ahead. In fact, the SEO experts are now the ones managing and overseeing processes within these larger companies. Agencies such as WME Group have adopted this structure; by sourcing SEO professionals with in-depth knowledge of the industry, they are able to combine brainpower with manpower.

In-house teams

When it comes to large, successful online marketing companies, in-house teams are the norm. A WME SEO campaign is made up of many different components, and these components are carried out by specialist teams – overseen by an SEO expert. Standard teams within the SEO agencies of 2015 include:

Content writers

Content is a big part of modern SEO thanks to the Google algorithm update known as Panda. These days, content has to be well written and informative, not merely a slab of text stuffed with keywords. This being the case, it’s essential that companies hire in-house teams of professional writers. When it comes to hiring, SEO experience isn’t necessary – they just need to be able to write well.

Technical staff

Technical experts are the glue that holds an SEO company together. This team covers a broad range of jobs, from keyword research and onsite work, through to uploading content. In most agencies, senior technical staff are the ones that jump in to assist when Google releases an algorithm update, working out how it affects clients and recommending process changes accordingly.

Website designers and developers

Most SEO agencies have their own in-house website design and development team, as this allows them to offer clients a complete SEO resellers service. By creating websites in house, they can create sites for clients that are geared towards being SEO friendly from the start, making the optimisation process much easier down the track.

Link builders

While black-hat SEO techniques (such as spammy backlinks) are out, most SEO agencies still have link building teams – although their role has changed somewhat. Link builders place directory listings (offsite citations), and also work to create high quality, legitimate backlinks where possible – in line with white-hat guidelines of course.

Account managers

As SEO companies grow, they need account managers to take care of clients’ accounts and oversee the SEO process from start to finish. Account managers generally need an overarching understanding of SEO; they need to understand technical aspects, content and link building. And of course, they need to understand their clients.

Always expanding

In 2015, successful SEO agencies are only going to grow in size as more in-house staff are needed to meet the demands of a successful campaign. Like other leading online marketing agencies that offer SEO, WME Group reviews the SEO process regularly – and hires additional in-house staff as necessary. Smaller companies and individuals trying to carry out SEO work will find that it’s only going to get harder – 2015 is set to be a year for larger agencies.

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