Policies That A Modern Organization Cannot Do Without

Organizations of today are entirely different from organizations of yesterday. A few decades ago, most organizations used an attendance book to mark the time that people reported to work and left work. Today, in its place are key cards, thumb scanners and retina scanners which can not only detect the time that you came into work and left work, but also the times that you went out and came back from a smoke break. Such it the sophistication of the modern office. In such offices, it is not only enough to track people, but there should also be mechanisms to ensure that decisions are made on certain agreed rationale. This is where policies come into the picture. A policy is a certain high level perspective of a company with regards to a certain aspect of business. There can numerous policies out there. But if you are drafting your company policies from scratch, here are the most important ones a modern company simply cannot do without.
IT policyToday, many companies use information technology to conduct their business. Therefore there should definitely be a policy on information technology, its use and misuse for a company. The policy should state everything from what information systems are being used, why they are being used, how important they are for the company. In this same policy one can include the criteria for selecting IT vendors such as dedicated server hosting company, IT services and many more.
Disaster recovery policyA disaster recovery policy is as equally important as an IT policy. This is basically a high level document on why and what to do in a certain emergency. For example, it would say that we should have a backup best website hosting in Australia in case of an emergency. It would also state the criteria that we should include look into before selecting such a company.
Incentive and increment policyYour human capital is one of the most important things that you can have in your organization. Without it, you would definitely not be what you are today. With such a valuable asset, there needs to be documented policies on how to give them incentives and increments. Having such policies help to reduce bias and ensures that everyone within the same category are measured and evaluated in the same manner.
Recruitment and termination policyIn an organization, it is important to select the right person for the right job. Therefore having documented recruitment policies will ensure that there is proper basis upon which people are selected for the job. In the same manner, having termination policies will ensure that no one is dismissed without a valid reason.