The 2015 SEO Team

Once upon a time, an SEO team could be literally a one-man-band. Single SEO experts could carry out most of the work themselves, whilst outsourcing certain parts of the process where necessary.Fast forward to 2015, and this has become all but impossible. As the SEO process becomes more time consuming and involved, it’s the larger companies that are really forging ahead. In fact, the SEO experts are now the ones managing and overseeing processes within these larger companies. Agencies such as WME Group have adopted this structure; by sourcing SEO professionals with in-depth knowledge of the industry, they are able to combine brainpower with manpower.

In-house teams

When it comes to large, successful online marketing companies, in-house teams are the norm. A WME SEO campaign is made up of many different components, and these components are carried out by specialist teams – overseen by an SEO expert. Standard teams within the SEO agencies of 2015 include:

Content writers

Content is a big part of modern SEO thanks to the Google algorithm update known as Panda. These days, content has to be well written and informative, not merely a slab of text stuffed with keywords. This being the case, it’s essential that companies hire in-house teams of professional writers. When it comes to hiring, SEO experience isn’t necessary – they just need to be able to write well.

Technical staff

Technical experts are the glue that holds an SEO company together. This team covers a broad range of jobs, from keyword research and onsite work, through to uploading content. In most agencies, senior technical staff are the ones that jump in to assist when Google releases an algorithm update, working out how it affects clients and recommending process changes accordingly.

Website designers and developers

Most SEO agencies have their own in-house website design and development team, as this allows them to offer clients a complete SEO resellers service. By creating websites in house, they can create sites for clients that are geared towards being SEO friendly from the start, making the optimisation process much easier down the track.

Link builders

While black-hat SEO techniques (such as spammy backlinks) are out, most SEO agencies still have link building teams – although their role has changed somewhat. Link builders place directory listings (offsite citations), and also work to create high quality, legitimate backlinks where possible – in line with white-hat guidelines of course.

Account managers

As SEO companies grow, they need account managers to take care of clients’ accounts and oversee the SEO process from start to finish. Account managers generally need an overarching understanding of SEO; they need to understand technical aspects, content and link building. And of course, they need to understand their clients.

Always expanding

In 2015, successful SEO agencies are only going to grow in size as more in-house staff are needed to meet the demands of a successful campaign. Like other leading online marketing agencies that offer SEO, WME Group reviews the SEO process regularly – and hires additional in-house staff as necessary. Smaller companies and individuals trying to carry out SEO work will find that it’s only going to get harder – 2015 is set to be a year for larger agencies.