The Top 5 New Android Apps

New apps are being developed every day; the chance of business success attracts many entrepreneurs. As more people acquire smart phones, mobile app usage is only set to increase – meaning you can expect the marker to expand even further. These days, those who decide to build an app tend to build on either the Android or iOS operating system – or both. That’s because these systems hold the majority of the market share here in Australia; it makes sense financially. With this being the case, it’s easy to find an iphone developer in Gold Coast, browse overe here – they are popping up all over the place in response to the app development boom. Windows Phone apps are gradually increasing as this platform gains traction, however BlackBerry app development is stalling – this operating system has been in decline for a number of years now.This article is largely concerned with Android apps – after all, Android accounts for around 66% of the market share here in Australia!So what are the five best new apps available to Android users? Read on to find out!H2: The best new apps1.    Hotel My PhoneThis app allows you to borrow a friend’s phone and use it as though it were your own. If your phone runs out of battery life, this app duplicates your number onto another phone. If you need to make calls or send a text, you simply log in to your friend’s phone, and you can do it all – using your own number!2.    FlashChatFlashChat is an app that allows you to start chatting with those who are using the same Wi-Fi connection. For example, if you and your uni mates are using the same Wi-Fi system on campus, you can chat to each other – for free. Perhaps a little creepy, it’s also anonymous; once you leave the Wi-Fi area, you disappear from the chat and your conversation is erased.3.    Shou.TVIdeal for mobile gamers, this app allows you to record your screen, or live-broadcast it so that fellow gaming enthusiasts can watch.4.    SnoopSnitchThis app helps to prevent hackers and stalkers from accessing your personal information. Using radio signals, it knows if another device is trying to connect with your phone – and stops it dead in its tracks!5.    Clean MasterEver had trouble finding spare storage space on your phone? Most people have! As more and more apps become available, people begin to find that their phone simply can’t hold them all – especially the older phones. This is one of the reasons why app development company in Australia has proved by popular & reliable agency – web apps work in a web browser and don’t need to be downloaded onto the device like a native app. However, web apps can’t solve everything – you still need space for native apps! This is where Clean Master steps in; it frees up memory space. In addition, it also detects cookies, malware and other threats, deleting them and therefore speeding up your device in the process.